Settle in with some Nature this BIG Weekend

Photo Red Sky (c) Lisa Marly

Take a seat, grab some popcorn and settle in for some Nature with our BIG Weekend Film Nights.

Join us and immerse yourself in a whole new world for a few hours from the comfort of your own chair. This is a great way to ease yourself into the BIG Weekend if you are new to nature, as well as a fab way to reconnect if you are a life-long fan of the outdoors.

Screening several short films, the BIG Weekend film night is a chance for a closer look at what is right under our noses and see things you wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see. We will be showing some local films, produced by emerging young film makers,  that explore the stories of the Highland Wildcat, the largest flame shell reef in the world and the incredible birds of prey that patrol our Highland skyline.

Of course after you have seen it on the big screen you will want to experience it yourself – so be sure to head off into the wild and attend as many of the BIG Weekend events to really make the most of our incredible landscapes, wildlife and flora and fauna.


The BIG Weekend Film’s

Turn the Tide (10 minutes) The National Trust for Scotland

The Loch Alsh Marine Protected Area is a lifeline for the largest flame shell reef in the world and for all of the marine species which depend upon these colourful seabed architects. On the west coast of Scotland, between the jagged mountains of Kintail and the Isle of Skye, locals explain why protecting the area’s sea-lochs from harmful fishing practices is so important for livelihoods, for inspiration, for recreation, for education, for life.

Turn the Tide (c) Andy Jackson

Red Sky on Black Isle (12 minutes) Lisa Marley, UWE

In 2014, 22 birds of prey including 16 red kites were found dead in one small area of the Black Isle in Scotland. This is the biggest wildlife crime in the UK to date, affecting a species that has already been wiped out in the country by humans once before. The red kite went from being an iconic species for the area to being an innocent totem for wildlife crime. The community on the Black Isle were outraged, and they are making sure their story is not forgotten.

One year on, the case remains open. This film hears from the local perspectives about what they think happened, their opinions on how it was handled and their fears for the future of red kites in Scotland. It may be if they cannot survive here, they cannot survive anywhere. All agree that something needs to change to prevent history repeating itself.


The Last Highland Tiger (20 minutes) Katherine Wardle

The Last Highland Tiger is a 20 minute documentary about the conservation of Britain’s last remaining native cat. The Scottish wildcat is fabled for their ferocity and referred to as Highland tigers due to their un-tamable nature. Now rarer then the Bengal tiger it’s in need of our help. The aim with this conservational film is to educate and show the public the plight of the Scottish wildcat. Outnumbered by feral cats, they hybridise with the pure breeds, watering away the wildcat gene. Scientists estimate that there may be fewer than 50 Scottish wildcats left in the wild. A breeding program has been put in place all over the UK and through working with local landowners and being conserved by the actions of neutering, and habitat conservation, the wildcat has a chance. The film’s narrative unfolds through following different charities and individuals involved in the cat’s protection.


Into the Wild with Gordon Buchanan (60 minutes) Hello Halo

Into the Wild with Gordon Buchanan sees wildlife filmmaker and presenter Gordon Buchanan take 5 celebrities on a once in a lifetime journey into the wilderness of Britain where they will be surprised and amazed by the wild animals on our doorstep. Gordon would usually spend weeks and months tracking and filming these animals, this time he has just 3 days and a demanding celebrity companion to entertain – it’s without doubt the biggest challenge of his career. Combining natural history, adventure and celebrity biography, this is a unique, informative and entertaining cross genre series with wildlife and nature at its heart.

Into the Wild ©Hello Halo

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