Pine Hoverfly captive breeding programme at the Highland Wildlife Park

Invertebrates are in decline globally and RZSS is determined to stand up for the little guys when it comes to species conservation.
The pine hoverfly is so rare in the UK that no one has seen an adult of this species in the wild for over seven years, and this endangered insect is currently restricted to just one site in the Cairngorms National Park.
Working in partnership through Cairngorms Nature countless hours have been put into creating a successful breeding programme.

Here RZSS invite you in this video to discover the pine hoverfly, a species so rare in the UK, you’ve probably never even heard of it! Find out how with support from Cairngorms Nature, the keepers at the Highland Wildlife Park are working tirelessly to save this important pollinator and what the future holds for this wee beastie. Don’t forget, you can be a conservation hero by subscribing and sharing this video with as many people as possible!

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Location: Cairngorms National Park Wide Date: May 16, 2021 Time: 9:00 am -