Bringing Nature Indoors – Care Homes

As part of this years BIG Weekend Planning we are working with Care Homes in Grantown on Spey on a Bringing Nature Indoors BIG Project.

Many of our care home community are no longer able to readily access the outdoors and get the health and wellbeing benefits of being in nature.  Therefore the Cairngorm Nature team are working with local ranger services to bring nature indoors.  The concept is to create a sensory area within each home with images, sounds & smells of nature for the residents to enjoy.  Recent research has shown that looking out into nature, viewing images and feeling items from nature brings some of the same health benefits as being outside.

This week we have been working with residents to choose the images they wish to be displayed in there indoor space and next week we will be doing  fun activities with then, to make some nature items and engage them fully in the project.  We will keep you updated of how we are getting on.